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te guy i like   
01:29pm 24/04/2005
mood: excited
few days ago i was watchin DanielN playin baseball. u kno he is pretty good baseball player.
and he has a big round ass. he is cute 2 as i said be4.
scarry! isnt it?   
01:55pm 23/04/2005
11:40am 21/04/2005
mood: curious
why do guys have 2 be so shy 2 talk 2 someone they like???????
10:47am 12/04/2005
mood: curious
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another 1(persian)   
11:47am 07/04/2005
mood: calm
1 of my fav. band is...   
10:32am 07/04/2005
mood: calm
09:37pm 02/04/2005
mood: bouncy
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BOYS GROUP! if ya persian ya kno wut i'm talkin about =)   
08:34am 02/04/2005
mood: chipper
well guess where i went 2day?
i went 2 1000 OAKS PARK. it was fun they even had persain singers there. my favorite group its BOYS, Hooman & Kameran and they were there signing.
01:53am 02/04/2005
mood: naughty
lately i been listenin 2 rock music. rock music its better than hip-pop.LOL
my fav. is green day, linkin park,the vince,metellica, system of down, marron 5 & Gavin Degraw.
08:15am 31/03/2005
mood: angry
i hate to have stalkers, i have five this year.
Spring Break   
11:37am 19/03/2005
mood: happy
wut kinda of spring break is this? Rain? I think we gonna have a sucky SPRING BREAK caz of the rain unless u r goin out of state like me.

By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 people who r persian. Its gonna be 1384. Its odd, isnt it? we r in 2005 & in my coumtry we r in 1384 wut an odd year.(lol)
07:01am 17/03/2005
mood: silly
i think these r the classes he got this sem. which r:
1. english Mr.Ramon
2. digital-img Ms.Moter
3. math Ms.Vickers
4. history Mr.White
5. geology
6. P.E(baseball)
11:20am 14/03/2005
mood: ecstatic
here some pic from Valintine party.

i lost the "POST" u kno where people post comments. i have no clue were it is do u?
04:31pm 10/03/2005
mood: curious

my geology teacher made us 2 redo our mineral project.
12:14pm 08/03/2005
mood: mellow
on friday my mom put an surprise b-day party 4 me which i wasnt expectin & i wasnt in the mood. u kno when ur sick u dont feel like do anything but, u dont want 2 get bored eighter. well 4 my b-day i got gold neckles, perse, 3 t-shirts, punch of earing's, mirror,money($$$$), gift card from best buy & 4ever21, belt, perfum and etc. On Sat. my friends & i throw a big surprise party for my friend jasmine. it was cool! my friends thought me some Solsa dance. 2day i got my scores 4 high skool exit exam and i passed. for the math part my score was 371 & for the english my score was 370. Also for my Geology class we r redoing our Mineral project which it's SUX!
And i still like that guy. he looks so cute with his baseball jersy or w/out.
worest day ever!   
03:43am 03/03/2005
mood: angry
2day its my BIRTHDAY which was sux. Espacially at skool. I got 2 hrs of detention, i got a low test score 4 my geology class. I should of ditch that day. And the teacher yelled at me 4 no reason. My friend and i got into an argument & had a big fight. And i miss my dad.
I miss my dad & the pizza man (nasty)   
09:18pm 28/02/2005
mood: impressed
MY DAD:(sad)
I miss my dad very much. I havent seen him for 7 years but, i been talkin 2 him on the phone. I felt really bad when i found out that he was married & he haave 2 kids. I wish i get the chance again and see him. By the way he is in another country. Its like everythin its related 2 each other my step- sis & bro obviously r jealous of me livin with their dad & spendin more time with him. In the other hand i have the same problem with my dad. It goes in the circle. If u kno wut i mean (we'll have the same problem). But wut they dont realize its that i'm jealous of them caz they get the chance 2 spend time with their dad, and I DONT. Its very hard 4 me not 2 see my dad for 7 years.

When start thinkin about the pizza man 2day i started laughting over & over again. Here is wut happend: for my b-day i odered some pizza's at Pizza Hot for delivery. The delivery guy came ranged the door bell. I went 2 get the money while my friends got the pizza's. I gave the money to the delivery guy and all he had was one dollars (LOL). The 1st i saw him doing was spittin on his fingures, it was pretty odd! I asked myself why the hell he spits on his fingures? Then he started countin his 1 dollers. Over & over again he kept spiting on his fingures, wut a weired guy then he touched the Money again. And he repeat the pross over & over again. Guess he doesnt kno how 2 cound. Kinda embrassing for a delivery guy who doesnt kno how 2 count & give bak the rest of the money.OK Wut a dork! Any ways the last part its really funny this is how it goes Nick(bannana boy)comes and try 2 see if the delivery guy its given back the money & if the calculation its rite. So the delivery guy spit on his hand i mean it looked like that it came from bottom of his throwth. It looked like a big splash of water that came from his mouth which he spit on his fingures. NASTY! Then the delivery guy starts counting with his dirty fingures and gives the money 2 Nick. Poor Nick. He didnt even realize that. i ask him 2day did u washed ur hands before u eat the pizza? He is like "NO". (HAHAHAHA)Guess wut he did 2day whippin his hands on his pants. I think its 2 late for that(LoL). I think the delivery guy was GREEK.
MY Birthday party & A-5   
12:43pm 27/02/2005
mood: happy

   Yesterday i throw a B-Day party which i had lots of  fun with my friends.  The good part was my parents werent home thank god! caz my mom hates hip-pop & rock music. she cant stand it & she goes nuts. Later that night/morning we watched "Van Helsing". We finished the movie around 12:30 a.m. And the bad part was one of friend's mom pick  her car broked down in middle of the street. I felt so bad 4 her. Now 2day i'm so exhausted. I couldnt get out of my bed caz my legs hurt so bad. Caz i danced alot. DANCING TOO MUCH ITS NOT GOOD!  2morrow i have GEOLOGY LAB TEST. I have a test on MINERALS & reconoized which mineral is wut and wut kind of rock is it...... I just wanna ditch her class 2morrow & not take the test but, the bad part is if u r not in her class the day that she is given u the test the next test would be double score.                     

    I just remembered another memory from last year. Me & my friends wanted 2 ditch out classes so we decided 2 got to A-5. So after the bell ranged, after lunch we decieded 2 go late. Well we wanna have fun in A-5. So we went 2 student store to get some ice cream's. Of course that we went latetoA-5. U know how is goes, u fill out a blue paper then theyask u 4 ur I.D. card. Well i didnt had my I.D. card that day. Guess wut happend? I got detention just 4 not having my I.D. with me (LOL). Then they give u this stupied paper  & askin lots of question that y are u late 2 ur class and more. So me & my friend start writin notes 2 each other while we were eating our ice cream's. The teacher seperated us well, it didnt really worked. We were also laughting at our inside jokes. Guess what happend now? They took my friend 2 the dean office and she got detention too 4 passing notes (LOL). Well at least we had fun & we both got detention. I mean i dont really care about detentions that i got each year. Caz it goes away any way & i dont make it up. What i mean by this is , u know that we u take the CAT 6 test each year well, if u dont be absent 2 take that test they said that they take ur 6 hrs. of ur detentions off. So i never make it 4 detentions (hahahaha)!


I Miss My Friends in FL   
11:48am 25/02/2005
mood: exhausted
today weather was kinda intersting. it was sunny then rainy and then sunyy again, it reminded me when i was in Florida bacaz over there almost every day its like that and i remember when i used 2 ride my bike 2 skool, the unspected rain came and i got wet by the time i would get home.i miss my friends in Florida so much i haven't seen them in 3 years.
07:21pm 23/02/2005
mood: confused
I was watchin him practicin baseball, he is pretty good!But 1 thing that it makes it confusin is he a basketball player or baseball player? or both? i'm lost.

Today i went 2 LA Fitness. It was fun. From now on i'm gonna start going. I love that class.